Revolution LOVE tattoo

"It was early during the 2008 Presidential race and I was having dinner with a friend. He told me I should check out one of the candidates campaign logos. I thought to myself, how good of a design could a middle aged politician have? I get home and google “Ron Paul” and up pops this dope logo that read “REVOLUTION” but the EVOL were flipped to say LOVE. The design may have well been used before but it was my first time seeing anything like it. As an advocate for social issues I strongly believe no one can bring a complete change, a “revolution” to a situation unless at they have a genuine concern for it. Their intentions must be rooted in Love or else they’d give up at any sign of opposition. I’ve fought for many things I stand for in my short 25 years and this design represented those battles."

Det her er love i al sin loveliness. 

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